Ferries From Phuket To Krabi, Lanta And Phi

When you’re in bustling and crowded Phuket for your first holiday there, try not to leave without having stayed overnight at one of the smaller Krabi islands in the Andamans. Phuket hardly feels like an island, with its taxis, tuk-tuks and motosai jostling with pedestrians on crowded streets, its luxury tourism, offbeat interiors away from the beaches and its sheer size. Many people choose to take a Phuket ferry out to Phi Phi, Lanta and others of Krabi’s almost maze-like and mystic archipelago of 130 islands.

Where to go via ferry

Pristine, secluded and even uninhabited beaches on tiny islands, mid-sea dives into coral beds, misty rock formations and limestone cliffs await you in the Andaman Sea off the coasts of the Thai mainland. Phuket is within easy distance of Krabi and its beautiful islands of Phi Phi and Koh Lanta to the south.

The Ao Nang resort is what is locally known as Krabi, so beware of confusion with Krabi Town, the bustling town center on the island. You can enjoy rock-climbing on Railay and Ao Nang’s beaches, ride in longtail boats towards misty cliffs that rise out of the sea, and swim off the Phi Phi coast where Leonardo Di Caprio once dabbled in danger in The Beach.

The island of Lanta further south of Phi Phi is home to long white beaches, plenty of mangrove forests to kayak through, coral reefs teeming with some wonderful underwater life, lovely sunsets, as well as dancing and parties for those who enjoy it, though there are fewer parties here than on other islands.

Planning ferry trips from Phuket

If you decide on taking a ferry out to one of Krabi’s islands in the Andaman Sea, then you should carefully consider the timings to make sure you don’t spend all your time traveling. Ferries that arrive late in the afternoon or depart early in the morning mean that your stay on the island can be shorter than you would like. Krabi and its islands are meant for relaxing in or enjoying water sports. When you visit, you should make sure to factor in an overnight mainland stay both on arrival and departure for a relaxed itinerary. But if you have the time on your hands, getting around from one island to another is easy. In fact, many people come here for the pleasure of island hopping by speedboats and longtail boats.

There are ferries from Phuket via Railay to Ao Nang or speedboats via Koh Yao to Ao Nang. According to the latest schedules, ferries ply the Railay route daily between November and April, and thrice a week between May and October. The journey takes nearly two hours. If you want to go via Koh Yao, then you can take a speedboat journey of 1 hour 20 minutes between November and April.

Ferries also ply to Phi Phi thrice daily, throughout the year. The journey takes an hour and 45 minutes. There are daily ferries from Phi Phi to Krabi Town, an hour and 30 minutes away and to Lanta, which is an hour away. The Phi Phi-Lanta route is only open in the November to April season. You can also take direct ferries from Phuket’s Rassada Pier to Lanta’s Saladan Pier. While the fares are cheap, you can save quite a lot on them by looking out for discounts online.

Enjoy the comfort of Taxis Phuket

On a visit to Phuket, it is important that you enjoy all the best that the city has to offer. Among the most common you get to enjoy is the transport system that includes the Phuket buses, taxis Phuket, mini buses, Tuk-tuks and many other models. The most ideal method therefore remains at the your discretion depending on the extent of your travel and the king of luggage and the number of people who are travelling with you.

Using the taxi Phuket system

The use of Taxi Phuket is one of the most common and convenient methods of transports within the city and the surrounding areas. It is in this regard that the taxis are common in transport from the airport, within the city and the surrounding areas. In despite there being other options, the taxis are common for the comfort and convenience they they bring along. This makes them more ideal if you are travelling on official or business purposes where you need to be in total control of your time. However, they also come with a limitation and that is you cannot use the taxis in case you have company of more than two people and as well if you have lots of luggage with you. In such cases, you may require to use alternative means but if you must use the taxis, hire two.

Types of taxis available

There are various types of taxis available for use within the Phuket city. The most convenient and with high security is the metered taxis. Mainly operated by legitimate and registered companies the taxis are known to charge at a flat rate mainly depending on the distance covered multiplied by the fuel costs, they also issue receipt and in such a way you can easily contact them in case of any losses complaints or even complements. These metered taxis can be found in designated areas within the city including at a designated location within the airport.

Most of the hotels within have motorcycle taxis. These are essential for those who wish to make quick errands from the hotels. To access the services provided by these taxis, you simply need to make enquiries from the hotel and they will make an offer and in case there is none, make necessary arrangements on how you can gain access to the same.


The Phuket taxi has made transport within the city to be among the most convenient for any visitor to the city whether new or a returning visitor. This owes to the high standards set forward by the leading players in the industry. It is important to note that owing to the growing number of visitors to the city, the number of taxi operators have increased to high number an effect that has led to unrealistic business competition models within the drivers. For this reason, it is always important to be cautious not to fall in the hands of these unscrupulous taxi operators who will more often overcharge unsuspecting visitors and in some instances exhort them of cash.

Restaurant Supplies to Keep Business in Shape

To meet the highest demands of Asian food enthusiasts you need to be equipped with the right supplies. The supplies that you have at hand will help shape and brand your business. Branding your business is the key to making your restaurant more visible to the almost endless market out there. Look into the Asian Restaurant Supply section of this team and be happy to see that they have everything you need within reach. They have sets of bamboo steamers all the way to the Hibachi sets that function to keep your food served hot.

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What Are Food Allergies, Intolerances And Sensitivities?

Food allergies are due to IgE antibodies made for specific foods that an individual has for some reason developed because their body has misinterpreted the food(s) as a foreign invading protein. The presence of IgE antibody to the specific food a person is allergic to results in an immediate immune reaction of the body to the food when it is eaten. The IgE antibody binds its specific food protein and initiates reactions in the body that include the release of chemicals such as histamine that may result in symptoms of itching, swelling, wheezing or difficulty breathing, rash or hives, and if severe, shock resulting in death if not reversed. Vomiting and diarrhea may occur but are less common.Testing for the presence of allergy to a food or foods can be done by blood test or skin testing or both. One of the most common blood tests is the RAST test that looks for the presence of the specific IgE antibodies to common food allergens and other foods based on a history suggesting that a particular food is suspect. Skin testing is done by injecting or applying extracts of the common and any suspect food(s) to pricked or scratched skin and looking for diagnostic “hive” like reactions at the site of the suspect food. The most common food allergens are peanut, cow’s milk, wheat, corn, soy, shellfish, eggs, tree nuts, chocolate, pork, tomato, and citrus.The terms food intolerance and sensitivity are commonly used interchangeably. They refer to a group of food reactions that occur that are not IgE antibody caused. In more general terms they refer to any adverse or unpleasant reaction that occurs after a food is eaten.Food reactions that are not allergic in cause may have a variety of causes. A particular food may not be tolerated because it is not digested adequately due to an enzyme deficiency. Lactase, the enzyme that digests milk sugar or lactose, is present on the surface of the intestine lining cells. Lactase deficiency can be inherited or acquired. It commonly occurs whenever the intestine lining is damaged. Because the lactase enzymes are on the outer most surface of the intestine they are more vulnerable to injury. For example, after intestinal flu or in untreated Celiac disease, lactose intolerance is common. Other sugar enzymes can be deficient or the intestine can be simply overwhelmed by too large a sugar load at one time. A classic example is “the Big Gulp” syndrome when someone drinks a giant cola beverage then experiences the “gut ache” from the tremendous amount of fructose. Large amounts cannot be handled by the intestine and that results in bloating, urgency and terrible diarrhea.Deficiency of digestive enzymes released into the intestine can result in poor digestion of foods. For example, when the pancreas gland is damaged (pancreatitis) chronically, usually from chronic alcohol abuse, or is congenitally underdeveloped or malfunctioning (e.g. cystic fibrosis). The pancreatic enzyme deficiency that occurs results in malabsorption, especially for fats, that cause symptoms of diarrhea and weight loss. Abnormal bacteria types and levels in the gut, also known as dysbiosis, and abnormal excess levels of “bad” bacteria or presence of bacteria in upper small intestine where little or no bacteria normally occur (bacterial overgrowth) can interfere with digestion, absorption or cause fermentation of food resulting in symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea.Some foods and food additives have a direct toxic effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Additives such as MSG and sulfites can cause symptoms, including flushing and diarrhea or the “Chinese restaurant” or “salad bar” syndromes.All foods contain proteins known as lectins. Some of these proteins are highly resistant to digestion and are toxic to the human intestine especially if they are not pre-treated by soaking, cooking well, or removing toxic portions. For example, inadequately soaked and cooked kidney beans will cause a food poisoning like illness. There are several foods that have lectins that are poorly tolerated by many humans and are lethal to insects and pests. One researcher, Loren Cordain PhD., author of the Paleo Diet, has published extensive research on how the human intestine is not “evolved” to tolerate many of the foods we now eat but did not eat in the ancient “hunter-gatherer” times resulting in many of the illness seen in modern societies and the rising epidemic of autoimmune diseases. Several of the “modern” foods that were not part of the ancient diet but constitute much our diet now have well recognized toxic or poorly tolerated proteins known as lectins. Examples include wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), casein (cow’s milk protein), peanut agglutinin (PNA), soyabean agglutinin (SBA) and tomato lectin (TL) that have been shown in animal studies to be toxic to the human gut. There are a few published studies and little active research on the role of dietary lectins in health and disease.When the reaction is an immune toxicity reaction to a food protein intestinal damage commonly results, frequently referred to as “leaky gut” because of the symptoms of malabsorption or the entry of toxic food proteins and/or bacterial products into the blood stream resulting in a variety of adverse health effects. This reaction may result in autoimmunity, the body attacking itself within the gut or distant organs or tissues. The reaction may be aided by abnormal bacteria types and/or levels in the gut (dysbiosis). The symptoms commonly develop over time and flare in just hours to up to three days after eating the offending food and continue as the food is eaten.Because the protein in the food is usually the cause and such proteins may be hidden in other foods, especially processed foods, and the toxicity is more of a delayed and cumulative immune reaction, it is very difficult for the person suffering from this to identify the specific food as the cause. For example gluten (the protein in wheat) and casein (the protein in cow’s milk) are in many foods and toxic to many individuals. Over time people sensitive to such food proteins typically become more ill and may develop enough intestinal injury that blood tests for other types of antibodies, IgG and/or IgA, to the food or specific food proteins, may be detectable in the blood, stool or saliva.Delayed immune response to proteins in the food (wheat, cow’s milk) resulting in bowel injury, gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal symptoms and increased autoimmune conditions is most well recognized in Celiac disease. It is an autoimmune disease resulting from ingestion of gluten in wheat or products made from wheat flour (or gluten like proteins in barley and rye). It used to be considered a disease of children and rare, especially in the United States. However, blood test screening studies have documented that it is present in approximately 1 in 133 to 1 in100 people worldwide though most of those affected are undiagnosed and untreated. It is diagnosed by positive screening blood tests and confirmed by a characteristic abnormal small intestine on biopsy followed by relief of symptoms and return of the intestine to normal after a gluten-free diet. Untreated it is associated with higher rates of cancer especially lymphoma, osteoporosis, anemia, and other complications of malabsorption resulting in shortened life expectancy. It is treated with a life-long gluten free-diet. Lesser degrees of gluten intolerance or sensitivity may not be severe enough to cause abnormal or diagnostic blood tests and intestinal biopsies but result in symptoms that improve or resolve with a gluten-free diet and may be detected by elevated stool or saliva antibody tests.Though injury to the intestine tissue may be seen visually as abnormal appearing tissue during endoscopic procedures such findings are non-specific for the cause. The tissue frequently appears normal and therefore many times is not sampled by biopsy, though under the microscope injury may be seen, though not specific for cause or food. If the physician is either not suspecting food intolerance or doesn’t routinely biopsy normal appearing intestinal tissue looking for signs of food intolerance, the injury may not be discovered.The immune based food intolerances are commonly associated with many symptoms that can be both gastrointestinal and outside the gut and may include bloating, gas, diarrhea (and sometimes constipation), abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pains, skin rashes, weight loss or gain, anemia or nutritional deficiencies, irritability, depression, mental fogginess, and nerve pain (neuropathy). These symptoms may be misdiagnosed or mislabeled as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, reflux, ulcer, and fibromyalgia, etc. without another thought by patient or physician that food intolerance may be the cause and specific food elimination may be the cure. The common food allergens also are the most common causes of food intolerance reactions.Generally, most physician are aware of common food allergy symptoms and how and when to test. However, several studies have confirmed most people’s experience that the majority of primary care physicians are unaware of the common symptoms of Celiac disease, that blood tests exist for screening antibodies and the high risk genes, and that it is common and may be diagnosed in adults. This is why the diagnosis is delayed on average over 11 years in most adults, after many of them have irreversible complications such as osteoporosis, cancer, or another autoimmune disease. The awareness and acceptance of non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and other food protein intolerances in the medical community is even worse.Therefore, food intolerance or sensitivity is commonly missed and untreated. Many patients are forced to self-diagnose by discovery of the link of their symptoms to specific foods serendipitously, often as a result of an elimination diet, recommendation of an alternative practitioner or friend/relative, or search for help on the internet or multiple physicians for help. Hopefully, by reading this article you now better understand food allergies and intolerances, why they are often missed and that they are a common cause of many symptoms, not just intestinal, that usually improve if not resolve once the offending food or foods are eliminated from your diet.

Saving Money While Traveling and Keeping to a Budget

With ever increasing gas prices, it is important to save as much money as possible while traveling. When you are planning a car trip there are several ways that you can save money. If you keep the following tips in mind, you will be able to enjoy your time on the road without feeling guilty about the money you are putting into the gas tank.First, try and carpool if possible. Gas is one of the most expensive costs of traveling, but this cost can be reduced by including friends and family on your trip. By splitting gas multiple ways, you will all be able to save some money and enjoy the time you have together. To get even more out of your gas budget, do a bit of research before you leave. By looking up average gas prices in the cities you will be driving through, you will be able to plan your stops in the places that have the cheapest gas. This may result in making inconvenient or untimely stops, depending upon when you drive through these cities, but as long as you stop in a safe area the inconvenience will be worth it and your wallet won’t feel the strain.Another way to make your gas budget stretch is to increase the miles your car can go per gallon. Keeping proper air pressure in your tires and driving at or below the speed limit are two ways to greatly influence the rate at which your car consumes gas. If your car is properly maintained it will work to its maximum efficiency, resulting in less gas being used.The second most costly expense while traveling is food. Every year travelers rack up millions of dollars in fast food or casual dining off the interstate. While it certainly is very convenient to pull through a drive through or stop at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat, it is financially wasteful. Instead, try to get a small cooler or two, depending on how many people are traveling and how long the drive will be, and pack them with drinks, snacks, and ingredients for sandwiches. This will enable you to save money, as fast food and casual restaurants are always raising prices.The last recommendation for saving money while traveling is to stay in traveler friendly hotels. Many hotels cater to guests who plan to stay for an extended period of time, and the cost of staying in such a hotel for one night can be excessive. On the other hand, some hotels are geared toward travelers, in that they offer smaller rooms at a lower rate. These rooms will be small, but they are perfect for anyone who simply needs some rest before hitting the road again.Remember, when you are traveling there are several expenses you cannot avoid. Gas, tires, oil, food, it is all important and cannot be ignored. However, there are several ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on each of these necessities. Savvy travelers budget wisely. By following the above tips, you will be able to enjoy your road trip without worrying about the money you spend.

How a Medical Billing Advocate Can Help You Navigate Through Your Health Insurance Claims

A high quality medical billing advocate is often a great asset for clients who are beginning to understand how confusing the insurance claims process can be. One of the many protocols these medical billing advocates follow is reading through insurance paperwork in order to fully understand their clients insurance policy. What are the exact benefits covered in the plan? What are their prerequisites for receiving those benefits? What are the listed exclusions, and is there a detailed appeals process?One of the dangers that many insured people face is that they do not understand that if their doctors do not request the proper authorization for necessary medical treatment, they may not receive the reimbursement they need. The best way to avoid such a frustrating situation is to have open communication with both the physician and the claims department with the insurance company, which is often much easier with the help of a medical billing advocate. This person will be able to ensure that doctors obtain any prior authorization necessary for their client if a special health situation requires certain treatment.By keeping detailed records and proper organization can also help insured patients to avoid unnecessary altercations with their insurance company. Taking good notes and keeping all medical and insurance paperwork is particularly important when speaking with insurance companies about approval for medical coverage or reimbursement. Not being able to find the appropriate documentation for medical services can result in a delay-or even a denial-of medical reimbursement; and a successful appeal is often based on the client’s or patient advocate’s ability to produce documentation of medical necessity.The best time to begin considering the services of medical billing advocates is at the very beginning of the insurance claim process. If you find yourself in a situation where you must handle the negotiations between a healthcare providers and the insurance company, it may be time to look into obtaining the services of a medical billing advocate . These professionals specialize in health issues and provide invaluable services to their clients when it comes to successfully appealing to insurance companies. Medical bills can result in severe financial burdens for today’s already struggling families, and any assistance patients receive in working with their insurance company’s claims department may become invaluable.

Travel and the Economy in 2008

In 2007, the real estate market shifted to favor homebuyers. Gas prices went up and the value of the U.S. dollar fell, but the number of American travelers planning a vacation in 2008 has stayed strong.According to an article: Travel Trends: What’s Hot in 2008 by Beth Harpaz in the December 17, 2007 issue of USA Today “the Conference Board’s most recent consumer survey found 45.8 percent of Americans intend to take a vacation within six months.”Authorities throughout the travel industry seem to believe travelers in 2008 want to be practical, yet still enjoy amenities that make vacationing simpler and more relaxing.”In 2008, experts say, Americans may take shorter trips or choose destinations closer to home where their dollar goes further,” Harpaz continued.Family Comes First: Family Travel on the RiseIn our fast-paced American culture, two income households, sixty-hour work weeks, fast food and cell phones have become the norm – all to make life more convenient. However, the modern conveniences of our daily lives now seem to require a lot of attention and personal energy. In response to the stress modern life has developed over the last century, Americans are now returning to their roots. The importance of time with family and a healthy quality of life is moving up on the priority list.Luxury travel industry expert Karen Weiner Escalera and her Florida-based travel marketing firm, KWE Group, firmly believe that family travel is on the rise for 2008. In one of Escalera’s most recent articles on the Travel Industry Wire, Top Ten Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Trends for 2008, the number two trend is “Relationships with family and friends take center stage.” According to Escalera, “Accelerating since 9/11 and fueled by a backlash against a contemporary world dominated by 24/7-work schedules and dehumanizing technology, family travel is growing at a faster rate than all other sectors of leisure travel.”A recent survey of American Express travel agents also revealed a significant rise in luxury travel among families – 82 percent wanted high-end hotels with kids’ programs and 56 percent were traveling with nannies.”Parents, grandparents and friends are looking to travel as a way to reunite, and to celebrate life’s landmark events. Business trips with the whole family will become as common as tag-along spouses, while high-end business hotels and resorts will roll out the red carpets for families with special suites and villas,” Escalera added.Concierge Condo Rentals and Timeshares versus Second Home PurchasesThe modern traveler believes that there is no reason why the comforts of home cannot be available while on vacation. Vacation planning is greatly enhanced when you consider concierge condo rentals or timeshare options. Many families especially appreciate the opportunity to save time and money when cooking in a private kitchen or receiving tourist information and discounts from a personal travel concierge. These kinds of amenities allow travelers to spend more time relaxing and less time organizing, mapping and making decisions about travel plans. A timeshare can offer the benefits of owning a second home for vacations, without the headaches of year-round maintenance and cost.Recently, Howard C. Nusbaum, President of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) recounted his experience at the Travel Industry Association (TIA) Marketing Outlook Forum, an annual conference of travel and tourism professionals that highlights future industry trends. He describes how Peter Yesawich, Ph.D., CEO of Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown and Russell, explained during the forum that the most recent Travel Monitor study completed by his company detailed large numbers of travelers interested in condominiums instead of traditional hotels.The Travel monitor study also showed an increasing number of travelers interested in vacation ownership products such as private residence clubs and timeshares. The impressive data from his (Yesawich) survey furthered the buzz that timeshares were no longer a niche product, but rather a staple of today’s diverse travel industry.In 2008, vacation ownership specialty products will provide stiff competition for second home sellers as traveling individuals, groups, and families opt for practical comfort and luxury while on vacation.

Top 5 Cities For Combining Business Travel and Leisure Time

With regard to the business traveller, there’s nothing more painful than remaining trapped in a fabulous city with nothing to enjoy once that working day has finished. Below are several ideas for prime spots like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Dubai.When it comes to London, The Parkcity is without a doubt a great place to sleep in, having simple and easy connection to Gatwick and Heathrow airports by way of Underground and train links. Set within exclusive Chelsea and Kensington, the Parkcity is close to stores, museums and galleries along with recreational areas in addition to their Ruby’s Cocktail and Piano Bar is definitely an incredible spot to enjoy non-working hours.
Combining business together with pleasure is actually New York specifics. The AKA offers roomy apartment-style accommodation in the very center of New york city. Merely one or two steps from Times Square, this hotel is certainly perfectly situated for seeing a Broadway show in addition to gifts hunting or perhaps making the most of a massive choice of eating places.
Indulged for ideas in Paris? The Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel is located on the Trocadero metro line with accessibility to most points of interest by means of Parisian tube lines 6 or 9, as well as offering wifi access and a small business hub.
If going to Dubai, the Riches playground, The Fairmont Dubai is situated in the particular economic area. The hotel is near to the old town and the man-made area of Palm Jumeirah. Offering 10 restaurants and cafes, you probably won’t want to stay in your own room.
San Francisco is a well-known platform for a lot of businesses. Just a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, the corporate traveler can easily enjoy in one of the many well-known San Francisco landmark hotels. The Westin St Francis is located in the center of Union Square with stores, restaurants nearby and conference facilities conveniently nearby.

Learn to Avoid Foods That Trigger Lupus Flares – With an Easy, at Home Food Allergy Testing Strategy

A food allergy is an immune response to a particular food or beverage, similar to the immune response against the body itself in a lupus patient. Don’t confuse food allergies with food intolerances; they are different. When you experience food intolerance, it is not caused by the immune system, and is simply an adverse response by your body to a particular food (like lactose intolerance).You’ve got to take care of yourself; having lupus or any auto-immune disease makes you especially susceptible to food allergies and these allergic reactions can instigate flares.There are many ways to determine food allergies and the symptoms they produce. According to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, you should watch for the following 7 symptoms up to two hours of eating.Food allergy symptoms to watch out for:o Tingling sensation in the moutho Swelling of the tongue and the throato Difficulty breathingo Hiveso Vomiting, abdominal cramps, or diarrheao Sudden drop in blood pressureo Loss of consciousnessIf you suspect you have a food allergy, it is important to work with a health professional, because while simply cutting that food out of your diet may alleviate your symptoms, it won’t address the potential allergy itself.Allergy testing is easier than it sounds. You might be afraid of needles, but in most cases you don’t even have to see them!Common allergy testing methods:Pin Prick allergy testing In the pin prick skin test the doctor places a small drop of the substance (in this case food) that you may be allergic to on your skin and then pricks you with a tiny needle. He or she will then wait for a few minutes to see if you develop a reaction, which is usually localized in the form of redness and swelling.RAST Allergy Test The RAST test is another allergy test that requires a blood sample sent to a lab, where specialized tests are done to determine your allergies.The At-Home Allergy Pulse Test Another easy way to get an indication of a food allergy is by using the at-home allergy pulse test. This is done by checking your pulse rate before and after eating. When you maintain a close watch over your pulse rate while you challenge different foods, you can often determine possible food reactions. However, it is important that you do not use or rely on this test if you have a history of strong allergic reactions, especially anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reason which results in swelling of the throat).To perform the pulse test on yourself, simply take your pulse before eating a meal to establish your base (or control) pulse rate.It’s best to eat a single food, and then re-check your pulse rate at 15, 30 and 60 minutes afterwards. If you see an increase in elevation of more than 10 beats faster than your base pulse, it means you are likely allergic to that food.An obvious problem is that you may want to eat more than one food at a time. Go ahead and eat that meal, and again do your pulse test before, and after your meal as above. In this way you’ll be able to determine if the foods don’t have any effect, or if there are foods creating a reaction with an elevated pulse rate.To start testing your food reactions, a simple natural diet is the way to go. Stick with meals that don’t require a lot of work and include just a few simple ingredients.If you do find an increased pulse, it’s a good idea to test each food separately in order to narrow down which food ingredient is the culprit from that meal.Be sure to keep a diary with you at all times, so you can keep a proper record and learn to identify which foods, if any, are triggering a flare. Be cautioned though, food triggers and their reactions can change, therefore be tricky to catch. However, this test is a great start to taking control of unnecessary flares that result from food allergies.It is best to work with an experienced wellness specialist to help you maintain your health program and get further support to answer your health questions when necessary.90% of all food allergies are caused by only eight foods! Yes, it’s true. Only 8 common foods are the culprit for most food allergies. These are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (such as walnuts, cashews, and pistachios), fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat. You should also avoid spicy foods, processed foods (such as American cheese), alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine if you have Lupus. I know this sounds like no fun at all, but all of these have the potential to mess with your immune system and have unexpected effects on your body. That’s the last thing you need to worry about with lupus!One way to recall these foods is by remembering the term ‘DONGS’, which stands for:Dairy: Cow’s milk and related products, goats’ milk and related products, eggsOcean: Fish, shellfishNuts: Peanuts, tree nutsGrains: Soy, wheat, wheat, rye, oats, barley, anything referred to as “gluten”Spices: Paprika, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, cola, liquorice, mustard, oregano, peppers, poppy seeds, and sageNow that I’ve told you all the no-no’s… we can go over some of the foods you can eat and enjoy without fear of stimulating your immune system. Foods like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies can make up delicious dishes full of energy and carbs to keep you going through the day. For a refreshing drink, why not reach for some fresh fruits or veggies and make a nice juiced smoothie or drink that will support your immune system and energy as well (just avoid asparagus, eggplant, onion, zucchini, raw olives, and peppers).It’s important to keep your strength up so you can fight the lupus all day, not just after eating, so try and have several smaller meals throughout the day versus 2 or 3 heavy meals that will rob you of precious energy you don’t have to waste.To learn more about the essentials of a healthy Lupus diet, plus holistic approaches to reducing Lupus symptoms visit Healing-Lupus.com for a free mini course.

Kids and Teens Benefit to Outdoor Activities

Kids and teens are the age group wherein they easily get bored. They want adventures and activities that are more fun, exciting and interesting. Nowadays, most children prefer outdoor activities in school such as playing soccer and cheer dance than staying inside the classroom doing the writing, reading and solving math problems. They love to run and play outdoor games either individually or by team. Kids and teens today like to stay at home more often than going to the school. Children are very energetic when it comes to physical activities. They don’t get tired so easily. Therefore, kids and teens are fitted to do the outdoor activity which is beneficial for them. It will not only bring fun to these children but can also improve their sociability to other family members and friends. Parents should encourage their children to participate in an outdoor activity to gain various benefits. Listed below are the following benefits of letting your kids join to several outdoor activities.Firstly, the physical benefits of outdoor activities that will give you. Since children are energetic, they can endure every move that is required for a specific activity. If this activity entails lots of running, then kids and teens are the most appropriate age group that can do it. For example, playing basketball, it is a fun and exciting sport game for male teens as well as to male kids. You can’t finish the game without sweating and stretching all your muscles. Through this, you are already giving your body a good exercise. As we all know, exercise is recommended for us by doctors to remain healthy and active that promotes good circulation and oxygenation to our body. If your child is bit younger like 5 years old, outdoor activity will help him develop good sensory and motor skills. It will help them develop a stronger muscles and bones. They will not only enjoy the activity but they could also bring the best physical condition to their bodies.Secondly, outdoor activity is helpful to the development of mental capacity of kids and teens. Learning is also possible outside the classroom. It doesn’t only occur inside the house or at the classroom. There are so many things to explore outside the house too. It is good for kids to let them experience the beauty of the nature. Kids often ask what those things are because they are curious about it. Therefore, if they are brought outside wherein more things can be seen, they will ask more which will surely contribute to their learning. For teens, outdoor activity will save them from boredom. As we all know, a brain that is stagnant due to boredom will not bring any development to the brain. So keep your teens’ brain active. Get them involved to activities that will enhance their cognition. Do not restrict or limit their activities inside the house because there are so many things to learn outside too.Finally, kids and teens sense of camaraderie will develop. It is a benefit that will always be present in outdoor activities. You cannot enjoy playing outside alone. It is best to play in pairs or in groups. Of course, if you have team members, there is cooperation, communication and socialization within the team just like in basketball, baseball, and many more.